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1099-R (Inherited from NON spouse) Requires a H and R Tax Pro ?
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My wife's mother passed away last year. She inherited her mothers IRA which was from from Principle Life Insurance CO.


She opted for the lump sum pay out at the time and had checked the box to have them withhold Federal and State Taxes. They withheld Federal taxes but nothing for State(IL).


Our taxes are pretty simple as we do not itemize. I have always done my taxes with no issues and this will be my 4th year with H and R online.


I have been going right along, answering the questions, uploading forms via (take a picture feature). Its all pretty much, yes, no, verify which I do. Well, I got to the 1099-R form which was uploaded and verified and on the next page got the following message.


"You'll need help to complete your taxes online.

Since you have an IRA you inherited from someone other than your spouse, you'll need an H&R Block tax pro to help you complete your 2017 taxes.

Most online tax prep programs don't cover this, but we've made it easy for you to finish and file with Tax Pro Review without starting over."


I then have the option to click yes(for $89.99 more) or no I will do them on my own.


When i select I will do them on my own I get the following message.


"I understand that the IRS and my state's tax office might consider my 2017 return to be incomplete if it doesn't include the forms I need"


What am I missing here, I assumed when I was already paying $74.99(federal) + $36.99(state)for the online feature all the forms would be included and filed ? Is this a simple attempt to try to get me to spend another $89.99 or is it something that can not be filed on my own.





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