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H&R Block Online Extension Filing - No Option to File an Extension in the Overview Tab

Hello H&R Block Community! 


Are you having trouble figuring out how to file an extension in our online product? 


If you have submitted your return to a Best of Both Tax Pro, you may not see the option to file an extension from the Overview tab of your account. Not to worry though - you can still complete an extension.


To prepare and file Form 4868, please create a new account at Once you reach the Overview tab, look for File an Extension in the Tax Filing Resources section. The program will walk you through preparing the extension, and there is no charge associated with preparing and submitting this form.


Please note, if you are applying this solution, the new account you create will be used exclusively for filing this form to extend your time to file. Your Best of Both Tax Pro will continue to work on reviewing and completing your return in the original account. Be sure to check the Message Center in your online account for correspondence from your Tax Pro. 


Normally we would direct you to work with your Tax Pro to complete your extension; however, in the interest of expediency given tonight's filing deadline - this is the best route. 


If you are experiencing this issue and have not submitted your return to a Best of Both Tax Pro, you may have an account that doesn't support extension filing - such as certain partnership accounts for military service members. In this situation, the same resolution applies - create a new account at to file Form 4868. 


If you need additional assistance, contact our Product Support team at 1-800-HRBLOCK. 




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