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IRS Letter 4464C

After doing taxes with HR, they said I had a 100% of not getting audit. My tax return was accept and started being processed by the IRS. I check the website and it show my tax return as accepted, by the refund was still pending. After checking it for a week, I get a
The 4464C letter. I called the IRS to be told there is nothing I can do right now and there is nothing on my account without even asking me any information but my name. So I call again the following day and the same thing happens. Talk to an agent after waiting on hold for an hour. To be told there is nothing that they need or I need to do. I asked if they need anything he said no. That what is on the IRS my refund status site is the same information he has on computer. WTF is going on? He IRS can't tell me what's going on with my refund and HR is clueless.
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Re: IRS Letter 4464C

Same thing here. This is ridiculous. It's been five weeks. I made only $35,000 last year, and don't have any weird deductions or exemptions claimed. No clue what's going on.

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Re: IRS Letter 4464C

Same thing here, I got my 4464C letter on 2/11/2013, I called every week, nothing stands out according to everyone I've talked to, Im not under "audit" or "examinations", It's way over the 60 days, still not reviewed no deposit. They have 30 days from 4/11/13 to look at it then supposedly they will have to release the funds!

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Re: IRS Letter 4464C sounds frustrating and we're sorry you're going through that. The IRS often will do this at random to verify tax return data. It's not an audit and there is no way for your tax pro, or anyone, to know when the IRS issues a 4464C.


If you are facing any economic hardship as a result, you can call and ask for a Tax Payer Advocate who could help expedite based on hardship.