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Your Life

Major life milestones often have a major tax impact. Changes in your marital status, having a baby or adopting a child can have significant impact on your taxes. This is the place to ask questions about dependents, real estate, and other various scenarios that play a significant role in what taxes you pay.

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married to a canadian citizen

My daughter was married in 2017 to a Canadian citizen.  They are living in the US and he has applied for a green card and has no SSN, yet.  She has a full time income.  He worked in his own business as a musician in Canada, although not a lot in 2017.  He has money in a Canadian bank. He has not worked since coming to the US.


1.  Can he be listed on her income tax without a SSN?  

2. Can they file jointly?

3.  Can he be listed as a dependent?

4.  For  2018, can he work in his own business in the US before he has a SSN?



Thank you.