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Where is my money



I just want to say that is is going to be my last year with H&R block.  Im officially fed up and done.  I have been working with the block for at least 10 years but the last two years have been the worst.  You call the numbers for emerald card ,and the hotline and all you get is conflicting stories, in addition to that I've had 2 extremely rude customer service reps this past few days .  I pay 300 every year  to sit in the office for about 20 minutes, and have someone do my taxes and lately its all ways something.  I an not even going to use the do it yourself software because I don't trust this company anymore.  You kept saying file early, file early, well I regret it I should have did turbo tax or tax act. I have four family members who have already received there refunds.  I filed january 7, they filed around jan 20, how is that possible. Its the principle.   I have recommend and sent so many customers your way over the years, but never again.  I'm not checking any more websites, cards nothing, I guess it comes when it comes. So furious and as soon as it comes Im transferring the money off my emerald card to something more reputable. I haven't heard one good thing from any of my friends about this company, I regret sending them. I just wanted to say my piece.  IM OFFICIALLY DONE!