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What refund

what date will HRBLOCK send in my tax refund, I filed it Jan 6th and we forget when she said it would be sent out to IRS. And how do I check the HR website to see what date it was sent and when I will recieve it???

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Re: What refund

Hello moose, and welcome to The Community.

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on January 31st. I am not certain about the update timeline postings on your H&R Block account, but one other resource you can utilize is the "Where's My Refund" function located on the IRS website at: . Probably a realistic date to begin checking would be about a week after filing (approximately Feb 7th).

I hope this helps. Good luck to you.
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Re: What refund

MyAccount is pretty quick about letting you know what your tax return status is.  In the tax office we check to make sure all returns are being accepted and moving along to completed with the IRS. 


The IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board both have their own tools which report out pretty quickly with where's my refund. They put those right up on their home page. I'd expect other states with modernized e-file follow California's lead and make it easy to know when your refund is ready.


Keep in mind that the IRS and other tax agencies have many returns to process, do random audits and audits-for-cause to ensure, and that your refund speed varies based on how you choose to receive the refund.  


For an e-filed return with an Emerald Card or Direct Deposit, checking a week after acceptance is reasonable.  Some people will be refunded in a week after acceptance but others may not.

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