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Tuition Deduction paid by the employer

I am studying my Master's Degree and my employeer (school district) is paying  the tuition. I have the form 1098-T, my questions is can I claim the tuition expenses even if my employeer paid the tuition?


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Re: Tuition Deduction paid by the employer

Generally, if you have an employer paying the tuition, then it is considered a fringe benefit.


Fringe benefits are tax-free. If that's how your tuition was paid, you'd have to reduce the amount paid to the school by the amount the employer paid for tuition to calculate the education credit.


You can't double-dip.


For more information, you can check out publication 970 for how education credits work.


There are also tax professionals who do many education returns and who could talk with you and make sure you've got everything right for filing.



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