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Texas Resident working in Louisiana

I live in TX in my owned house, my wife's job is in TX, our Kids go to Texas schools and we have TX driving licenses. I have just got a job in Louisiana that will require me to work roughly 120 days in a year in Louisiana. I will stay in hotel while I stay in Louisiana. I am confused how to file state taxes. Do I need to file Louisiana taxes?

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Re: Texas Resident working in Louisiana

Hi Tx2la,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Yes, because you are working in Louisiana you will need to file a Louisiana non-resident tax return and it's really easy because Louisiana is your only state return.  Your employer will likely withhold Louisiana state tax for you, but if they do not then I would plan on at least 5% of your income being available for state tax (even if you get some of that back) so that you have enough available to pay the tax if any is due.


You will not have to file a Texas state tax return though because the lone star state does not impose an income tax as I'm sure you know.


Also, a important heads up for Louisiana, although I don't have any info for next year yet Louisiana was one of about six states that held refunds for a minimum of 60 business days this year in order to allow more time for tax fraud & identity theft prevention.  So the possibility of a long wait for your Louisiana refund is something to be prepared for.  With any luck though they will speed things up during tax season 2018.


There is some good news for you as well.  Since you will be traveling outside of your tax home (your area where you normally live & work) in order to work you will be able to deduct the cost of getting to your Louisiana job site (either miles at 0.54 per mile or the cost of a plane, train, or bus ticket if you travel in one of those ways) as well as the cost of overnight stays that are only for business purposes.  The deduction is available to you on Schedule A in the miscellaneous section (employee business expenses) since you're working for someone else.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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