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Major life milestones often have a major tax impact. Changes in your marital status, having a baby or adopting a child can have significant impact on your taxes. This is the place to ask questions about dependents, real estate, and other various scenarios that play a significant role in what taxes you pay.

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Tax Resource for Expats

Since we launched this online community, I've received a number of questions from expats, Americans living abroad, regarding their taxes. The United States is the only developed country that levies income taxes based on citizenship versus just residency.


If you're one of the more than 6 million expats, you might benefit from our recently launched  microsite that answers many questions and outlines the filing responsibilities for those with dual citizenship and those who are working or retired abroad.


If you're an expat with tax advice you'd like to share with others please add your comments here.


Thanks, JerryG

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Re: Tax Resource for Expats

Can you link the microsite again? The link is broken.
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Re: Tax Resource for Expats



Welcome to the Community. The micro-site referenced in the post no longer exists but current information regarding filing an expat tax return can be found on the H&R Block website here.


Best, Harold

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Re: Tax Resource for Expats

I don't see information on the site as to which H&R Block software product is best for expats. Can you advise?  Thank you!  

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Re: Tax Resource for Expats

Hi eneutuch,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


The premium software is the one you'll need if you need Form 2555 (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion).


If you are a non-resident alien who must file a Form 1040-NR return then you'll need to head to an H&R Block office.  The current software options do not offer Form 1040-NR (Non-resident Alien Tax Return).