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Spouse Non-Resident Alien


I am writing to find out if I can use my husband as an exemption on my tax return.


I am trying to complete my tax return on your H&R Block on-line site, but it does not allow me to claim him, although when I go to the IRS site it states that you can file an exemption for your spouse if they did not file a return, did not earn any wages and that they are a non-resident alien.  My husband meets all three of these statements.......he is a non-resident alien, will not be filing a return in 2012 and did not earn any US  wages.


Maybe I am not reading the IRS statement correctly and would like some guidance.   My filing status on my return is "Married, Filing Separately" .


Thank you....and I look forward to your response.





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Re: Spouse Non-Resident Alien



Have you tried speaking with someone at our online product support team? You can call 1-800-HRBLOCK, press 2 and ask a support team member your question.


Thanks, JerryG

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Re: Spouse Non-Resident Alien

Yes You can clain a non resisident alien spouse as a dependent, You must file Married Fliling Separately to do so an there are also

a number of other qualifications/restrictions to apply. I do not know if the to online software supportst that special set of rules.


H&R Blocks in office software does support that type of fling, I wouls ask for a senior tax prparer familiar with that out of the ordinary

way to file.