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Your Life

Major life milestones often have a major tax impact. Changes in your marital status, having a baby or adopting a child can have significant impact on your taxes. This is the place to ask questions about dependents, real estate, and other various scenarios that play a significant role in what taxes you pay.

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Spouse Lived in Foreign country 2016 & 2017

I got married in 2016 (in Argentina). For 2016 tax, I did married filling separate and for 2017 I am thinking to do it MFJ. My husband will start living in the US in Feb 2018. Can I do MFJ? What kind of income should I add from Argentina for him? He doenst have any investment in Argentina, just his work income.


His SSN will be issue this year (2018), can I amend 2016 taxes?


Also, when I do the penalties for the ACA it asked me if he was insured in 2017, he was not as he was not living in the US. How I can fill out this area?


Thanks in advance for your help.