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Payroll: Transition in Pay Cycle for 2017

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I need assistance with the following.  Looking to confirm if my employer underpaid me.  I believe they recalculated my salary after transition and was underpaid for 2017.


My employer transitioned our pay cycle from bi-monthly to bi-weekly around 5/1/2017.  My annual salary totals for both pay cylces (before/after transition) are less than my actual annual salary.  Approximately, $2,427.17 less.  Is this correct?


The first pay cycle listed below was before the transition, the second cycle was last paycheck I received.


Period Beginning: 04/16/2017

Period Ending: 04/30/2017

Pay Date: 04/28/2017


Last paycheck for 2017

Period Beginning: 12/16/2017

Period Ending: 12/29/2017

Pay Date: 01/05/2018


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance for your assistance.




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Re: Payroll: Transition in Pay Cycle for 2017





Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Are you sure you weren't looking at your NET pay after taxes when you noticed the difference?  Your net amount will be lower than your gross.  Your net amount is what you actually get in your paychecks.  Gross is before taxes are withheld.


If you know what your salary is then you can add up what you got paid for the whole year (go by gross amount).  If the gross amount comes up short then I would speak to your boss.  The gross amount is before taxes or benefits are taken into account, so if the gross amount is short then you were either underpaid or they reduced your salary or there was some kind of error made, or something happened.

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Re: Payroll: Transition in Pay Cycle for 2017

Hello LouisH,


The totals listed are my Gross Pay for the year, not my net pay which I know may vary from time to time.  It looks like when they made the conversion they merely converted it to what the GP would be had the new pay cycle been in place from the beginning of the year.  This isn't the first time they make an error, the year before they did not take out any City taxes, they only started after I told them of the error.