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Is there a way to file separately for state?



I've prepared a joint federal return for myself and my husband. It carried over to the state section and counted both of our W2s, even though it's only my wages that should be subject to that state's taxes. My husband's home of record is elsewhere. I can't figure out how to separate our wages on the program. Since I did federal as a joint file, it automatically imported both of our W2s. 

If anyone has dealt with this before and has insight, I'd appreciate it! 

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Re: Is there a way to file separately for state?

Hi avilesc,


I'll gladly help you figure this out.  You can definitely file separately at the state level and in fact some states require that you do so when you work in different states.


Watch for a message from me.



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Re: Is there a way to file separately for state?

As a side note, it is important to mention that some states REQUIRE that you file the state return using the same filing status as you did on the federal (Ohio being one example). If your state happens to impose that same requirement, generally there is a method that allows you to file a joint state return, but a form (or a line entry) is available that will give you the opportunity to exclude one spouse's income from being taxed due to his non-residency status, as well as disallow claiming a personal exemption for him, etc.

If this proves to be the case in your situation, you may wish to consider consulting with a local Tax Professional especially if it is one of the more complicated state forms to complete. Should you need in-person assistance such as this, you can make an appointment at a local HR Block office directly from The Community homepage on this website.

I hope this is useful information. Good luck to you.
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Re: Is there a way to file separately for state?

Hi avilesc,

I've been working on your question for the past hour or so and I've got the answer for you, but unfortunately it's not what I was hoping it would be.


The online software cannot handle different residency statuses for two spouses.  You will need to go to an H&R Block office or use the "best of both" option at the end of the interview to send your tax return to a tax professional in your area in order to be able to complete you Missouri return separtely from the federal with only your income on it.


This was the message that I got when I tried to complete your state returns separately:

"Our Missouri Program Doesn't Cover Your Situation 

You have separate residency statuses on your Missouri return. We're sorry, but our Missouri program doesn't include the calculations you need. You won't be able to file an accurate Missouri return with our program.
We'll remove Missouri from your return.
Fortunately, you can transfer your return to an H&R Block office near you. Finish your taxes in person with a tax professional there."


It is possible as Will mentioned that this is one of the states that requires you to file with the same status as your federal return, and I hadn't looked that up yet but wanted to go ahead and get you then answer to the software part of your question.