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1099 MISC box 3 and mileage



I have a question regarding 1099-MISC. My daughter was a student-athlete at DIV I University. Last year the team went to the NCAA championships and parents of team members were reimbursed up to $800 for their travel cost by the University. This payment is documented on a 1099-MISC box 3 Other Income which flows to line 21 of the 1040 and not schedule C. Since you must travel to the event site in order to be reimbursed would one be able to deduct travel mileage to/from the event site? If so, where would this be reported?



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Re: 1099 MISC box 3 and mileage

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The best way to enter this in to be able to deduct your travel expenses in full may be to claim it on the Schedule C as business income. Then you can deduct travel expenses directly onto the Schedule C. If your expenses exceed your income, you may then claim a loss that may be put against your other income, reducing your tax liability. This will then allow you to deduct these expenses while still taking the standard deduction. 


If you were to leave the 1099-MISC on line 21 and deduct the expenses as "hobby" expenses on the Schedule A, the expenses must be at least 2% of your adjusted gross income. Then only the amount above that 2% would be deductible as a hobby expense and you will have to itemize your deductions for it to be deducted. 


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