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1099 MISC Box 6 (medical & health payments) - schedule C incomplete on HnRBlock Premium

Hello Tax Gurus, 

My wife received 1099 MISC from her former employer (Hewlett packard Enterprise) for medical and health payments worth 248$ on Box-6.

She worked as software engineer for HPE in 2015.

All other boxes are empty in 1099 MISC form.

When reporting this in HRblock premium on 1099 MISC form, it is automatically prompting to complete schedule C form.

Some of the entries in schedule C are incomplete.

1) Is filing schedule C must ?

2) On schedule C form : What should be Line A -> principal bus/profession & product/service be ?

3) On schedule C form Line B -> what should the category and code be.

4) On schedule C form Line C/D are left blank (business name / Employer code) should that be Hewlett packard enterprise (HPE) and EIN for HPE

4) What should line G be
--> Did you "materially participate" in the operation in 2016 ? YES or NO
If "NO" check here if you totally disposed off activity in 2016?
If disposed off this activity, gain or loss for disposition
If disposed off this activity, gain or loss for Alt Min Tax


Appreciate quick help!