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Problems with Emerald Card

I have had my emerald card for a while... My returns from last year and this year were put on it. There are times/days that I am unable to access my balance/card info online although there are plenty of funds available. When I try and open it online, or in the app, it says I don't have a card activated with my account... but give it a couple hours and I am able to access it. This morning I tried to make a purchase with my card and it gave some weird message (didn't decline), and I was unable to use the atm to take out any money. Just tried to check it online and it says the same thing- I don't have a card activated. This is very frustrating. When I am able to use it again I will be withdrawing all funds and deactiving the card.

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Re: Problems with Emerald Card

Hello - I am very sorry that you are having this experience.  I would like to recommend that you contact the H&R Block Customer Service team 1-866-353-1266 to specifically help with your issues. 

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W. Gordon