Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

Have you submitted your tax return? Wondering where your refund is? This board is the place to find helpful links to understand the return process and how to use the IRS Where's My Refund tool. If you have a question about how to submit your taxes, please be sure to post general questions in All Things Tax and DIY questions in DIY Products.

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Tax refund missing since 2011

Hello all, I have only had one experience with H&R Block (as well as Bank of Internet, otherwise known as BofI) and it has been a disagreeable one.

I've had my taxes done (one time,ever) by H&R Block at the local branch by an elderly woman who clearly lacked formal training or etiquette. She questioned MY credibility, even though she was getting commission from me. Appointment done on 2/22/2012.

Well, I got audited. 60% of my whole tax return is frozen by the IRS.
I paid $409.95 total, I even got the Peace of Mind trap just to get audited.

Luckily, Im not a dumb fellow and I took the matter into my own hands. I contacted the IRS and sent the proper documentation. I also move to a new residence during this months long process (from 3/2012-11/2012)
The IRS issues me part of my refund (in the form of a paper check, AS REQUESTED on tax return) and holds the rest until I have satisfied their requirements. Again, I have moved residence during this 7-month ordeal.

I was never contacted by an H&R representative after paying $409.95.....

Some time passes and I earn my Bachelor's degree and secure a career. I also do my own taxes now. Curiously, I surf my info on the IRS.gov website & stumble across my tax returns and more importantly...Account Transcripts. It was only earlier this year that I asked the IRS to conduct a trace on my failed 2011 tax return and find out that my audit was purged and issued my refund. My %60 refund check was issued and I never got told of it. Through IRS correspondence, I gathered that the refund was issued to:

Account #xxx-xxx-609
Routing # 101089742.
Contact Financial Institution for more information.

I never received a check, nor a an Emerald Card. I have spoken with both the financial institution "BofI" reps and H&R Block reps... I am trying to settle this, before going back to the IRS with concerns regarding a fraudulent H&R Block RAC account made in my name at BofI.

So...any idea on how to access my money?
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Re: Tax refund missing since 2011

In short...the financial institution BofI claims in the IRS corrrspondence that my social security, account number and routing number are all accurate and was issued as promised.

The question is, to whom? I did not recieve a precious Emerald Card, paper check, nor have it direct deposited into my own account. I asked specifically for a paper check that I, and only I, could pick up in-office with valid identification.