Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

Have you submitted your tax return? Wondering where your refund is? This board is the place to find helpful links to understand the return process and how to use the IRS Where's My Refund tool. If you have a question about how to submit your taxes, please be sure to post general questions in All Things Tax and DIY questions in DIY Products.

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State sent refund to IRS, but my Federal Balance is -0-

We owed Federal back taxes from 2014. For the past few years whatever state or federal refund that we had was automatically applied. This year our Federal refund was enough to finally pay off the balance and have some left over. We filed our taxes using H&R Block online for both the Federal and State at the same time.  We received the refund from the IRS (less the amount that we owed) just fine. However it seems that the State also sent the refund that we had coming to the IRS. I can kind of understand how it happened since the returns were filed at the same time, but my question is what do we do about it? It isn't showing at all on our IRS account, and the State doesn't have a way to check details. . The only information that I received from the state was a notice letting me know that they had sent the refund to the IRS. I tried calling both agencies but ran out of time after about an hour on hold with each.  Has anyone else ever had this happen, and if so how long did it take to resolve?  If its' a matter of just being patient, I can be....although it would be nice to have my money, but my biggest concern is that it's just kind of "lost" out there somewhere.