Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

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Refund Processing Times for 2017 Returns

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Why might you see a delay in your refund this year?  The most common reason is if you claimed the earned income credit or the child tax credit.  The PATH law, which went into effect starting with the 2017 filing season, is still in effect, and that means that refunds for these refunds types of returns will not be authorized or deposited by the IRS until well into the tax season.  In fact, the delay is slightly longer this year than it was last year.  Refunds will also be delayed at the state level by a handful of states, while some states will still process within the normal 21-day time period that they always had prior to last year.




If you are claiming the child tax credit or the earned income credit there's no rush.  Yes you should file early, but you will be waiting a while so you should wait for your W-2 and file accurately instead of trying to file the split second that the tax season starts.  Filing accurately is the single best way to shorten the delay in receiving your refund.


The timeline for this year is as follows:


  • E-file begins on January 29th, 2018.  The IRS will not accept any tax returns before this date except for a small number that may be pulled through at random while they are testing the e-file system.  No returns will be processed before this date even if they are received or accepted sooner.
  • Refunds for those claiming the earned income credit and the child tax credit will not be authorized until February 15th at the earliest.
  • "Where's My Refund?" will start to update for most taxpayers who claim the EIC or the CTC on February 18th, 2018.  Prior to this date you will see a message that says your return is being processed or you may not see anything at all.
  • Those claiming the EIC and CTC will begin to receive their refunds on the last week of February & the first week of March.  The first couple of possible deposit dates for these people are February 21st and 28th.
  • The due date for 2017 tax returns is April 17th, 2017.  File at least two weeks before this date if you must mail your tax return to the IRS.  Your tax return must be received or accepted by the IRS by April 17th, 2017.




There are a number of states that will be taking extra time to process tax returns as they did last year.  Below is a complete list of these states and what you can expect.


  • ALABAMA will take a minimum of six weeks to process all tax returns.
  • ARKANSAS doesn't mention a specific time frame but says delays are possible for fraud prevention purposes.
  • COLORADO will delay refunds for some taxpayers by up to 60 days beyond the normal processing time.  Your refund may be delayed for a maximum of 81 days.
  • DELAWARE will not begin processing returns until the third week of February.
  • GEORGIA will not disburse refunds to most taxpayers for 90 days following receipt of their returns.
  • KANSAS will take up to 16 weeks to process some tax returns.
  • HAWAII will take up to 16 weeks to process all tax returns.
  • ILLINOIS will not begin processing returns until March 1st.
  • IOWA will follow the same procedure as the IRS.  This is described above.
  • KENTUCKY will delay all refunds until after February 15th.
  • LOUISIANA will delay most refunds for at least 60 days.
  • MASSACHUSETTS will take 4 to 6 weeks to process most returns.
  • MISSISSIPPI is not guaranteeing a refund deposit date and may delay some refunds beyond the normal 21-day time frame.
  • MISSOURI will delay most refunds, however no timeline has been given.
  • MONTANA will take a minimum of four weeks to process all tax returns.
  • NORTH CAROLINA will take a minimum of six weeks to process all tax returns, but it may be longer than that.
  • NEW JERSEY will not start processing tax returns until March 1st.
  • NEW MEXICO will take up to 12 weeks to process most tax returns.
  • PENNSYLVANIA will take a minimum of four weeks to process all tax returns.
  • VIRGINIA will take up to four weeks to process e-filed tax returns.
  • VERMONT will not begin processing tax returns until the first week of February.
  • WEST VIRGINIA will take up to four weeks to process all tax returns.
  • WISCONSIN will take up to 12 weeks to process all tax returns.