Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

Have you submitted your tax return? Wondering where your refund is? This board is the place to find helpful links to understand the return process and how to use the IRS Where's My Refund tool. If you have a question about how to submit your taxes, please be sure to post general questions in All Things Tax and DIY questions in DIY Products.

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Prompting me to reinstall state and pay again for state download software

For 2017 HRblock software, I received a coupon code by mail and so I chose Deluxe+State and paid for it using the coupon code.that was sent to me . 


Today I am completing my taxes, I completed federal, and as next step it prompted me to download to have the state tax software reinstall again to force me to pay for the state download. Do I need to repay again? Why wouldn't the system know that I already paid for "Deluxe and State" Please advise.