Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

Have you submitted your tax return? Wondering where your refund is? This board is the place to find helpful links to understand the return process and how to use the IRS Where's My Refund tool. If you have a question about how to submit your taxes, please be sure to post general questions in All Things Tax and DIY questions in DIY Products.

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Accidentally gave H&R Block bank acct instead of my own when I e-filed my own return

I filed with H&R Block the previous year but this year I e-filed on my own after finding out how much it was going to cost in my local office. When I e-filed with the IRS I copied a lot of stuff off my previous year return paperwork and accidentally used H&R Block's bank account information instead of my own. So my return was sent to your bank on May 30th 2017, and still hasn't been sent back to the IRS or mailed to me. I've call your bank and they are saying they can't give me any information. What I was told by a H&R Block rep is that it would be returned within 14 business days but it hasn't and nobody seems to be able to help me? I need that money in the worst way, I'm going to be homesless! PLEASE HELP!
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Re: Accidentally gave H&R Block bank acct instead of my own when I e-filed my own return

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Welcome to the Community. I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue getting your tax refund. When did you speak with H&R Block client support? When you called H&R Block customer service did they give you a case number? If not I would recommend contacting support at 800.HRBLOCK (800.472-5625) and ask them to open a case for you.


Good luck to you.