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How do health care reform and taxes connect? The Affordable Care Act is single largest change to the tax code in two decades. Find help navigating the complexities of the new health care legislation, Medicare, Medicaid and other medical deductions.

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form 8962

I filled my taxes on Jan 24th and was accepted by the IRS, yesterday I received a letter from the IRS saying my form 8962 was not completed for lines 12-23 and needed to be filled out by h and r block. went to my local office last time for over a hour, the tax advisor there read the letter, re-did my taxes and the same problem happened, I know have to go back today for a 4 pm appointment to call the irs with the advisor and tell them the problem. this is now delaying me refund for 6 to 8 weeks. is there anyway this can be fixed and how so

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Re: form 8962

 I'm hoping you have this resolved by now, but I'd fill out a paper copy of the form and mail it in to the IRS with the notice.


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Re: form 8962

I got a similar letter. I am perturbed as h&r block is supposed to be an agent for us, but they've failed to address this, as far as I can tell, so far. I plan to call tomorrow, as that's the only listed means of contact. If I'd not received that letter, would I have ever known ere was an issue?

Hope it gets straightened out for you right away. Surely many others were affected by this