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Taxes for immigrants

My husband immigrated into the states last January (2017) to California. He has some income earned in the states (under 3k). He entered in on a K1 visa and is currently waiting for his green card/ permanent residence status. should we file separately or joint. 

I will earn around 31k


How will the health care tax apply to him? He had no health insurance in 2017 but had emergency health coverage from his country.   

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Re: Taxes for immigrants

Hi JDZivkovic,




Welcome to the H&R Block community.


You should file jointly.


Not only is a joint return almost always the best option, but for you it is definitely the best option.  You'll get an extra personal exemption and a bigger standard deduction.  Your husband's income is not enough to cause a significant tax liability increase so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by filing jointly.  I can actually do a comparison of the two options for you if you would like.


If you file separately you have to use the "married & filing separately" filing status unless you qualify for head of household status under the MFS exception.  MFS is a much more restrictive status with a higher tax rate and far fewer (if any) benefits in most situations.



Note that in order to file jointly, if your husband does not have an ITIN number or a social security number then he will need to apply for an ITIN by attaching Form W-7 to your tax return.  You'll need to write "NRA" in the space for his ITIN/SSN and mail the return to the IRS.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Taxes for immigrants

yes please lets run a comparison. Please let me know of the best way of giving you the information you need to run it.

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Re: Taxes for immigrants



I would recommend you contact your local H&R Block tax office and speak with a tax professional. That way you are speaking with a certified tax professional to help explain this answer in great detail.






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