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Health Care

How do health care reform and taxes connect? The Affordable Care Act is single largest change to the tax code in two decades. Find help navigating the complexities of the new health care legislation, Medicare, Medicaid and other medical deductions.

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Questions about form 1095-a using Homeowners/investors software

I am using HR blocks homeowners/investors software and have a question about how do I use the form 1095-a statement info with this. Is there a place I'm supposed to enter the data from the 1095 in the program, or is this something that has to be done in a separate way. Sorry, Im used to letting others do this for me, but thought it might be profitable to figure this out my self. Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Questions about form 1095-a using Homeowners/investors software

You'll enter the information in the section that deals with Health Insurance.  In the online program, it's under Federal> Taxes> Health Insurance and Medicare Tax > Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the desktop software, you can search for 1095-A, Form 8962, or Health Insurance.