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Multiple Forms 1095-A

Hi H&R Block community!




I have seen a few questions lately about what to do in the software if you have multiple 1095-A forms to enter information from in order to calculate Form 8962.


One way to get around this in the H&R Block software is to enter all of your information on a single 1095-A form in the software.  You can do this so long as you do not have overlapping insurance policies.  You must enter the information month by month when you get down to columns A, B, and C on the lower half of Form 1095-A.  DO NOT USE THE ANNUAL TOTALS LINE.


For example, if you had one policy from January through March and another policy from June through December you can enter the information from both 1095-A forms on a single 1095-A form in the H&R Block software as described above.  This not only works but is also allowed under the IRS rules.  Be sure that you keep a copy of your 1095-A forms so that if requested by the IRS at some point you can show them the forms.


When entering information from multiple 1095-A forms onto a single 1095-A form your contribution amount and your premium tax credit amount will calculate the same as they would if you had entered your information on separate 1095-A forms so long as all of the figures are entered correctly.