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High Deductible Insurance HSA Contribution Deduction

For some reason, I am not getting the deductible contributions for my high deductible insurance and from the way that I read the criteria, I should. I was enrolled in a high deductible insurance plan in 2017, I did not have any other health coverage in 2017, and I was not eligible for Medicare.



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Re: High Deductible Insurance HSA Contribution Deduction

What makes you think you're not getting the adjustment? It should show up on line 25 of your Form 1040.

It sounds like you've gone through the interview process here: Federal> Adjustments and Deductions> Medical and Health expenses, HSA> 1099-SA and 5498-SA Health savings account (HSA) .  Did the screen at the end "Great work, we've got your HSA results!" not list any deductible contribution amount?


Did you make the contributions or did your employer make them on your behalf?  Employer contributions won't be deductible.

Did you make them yourself, but through a cafeteria plan at work where the HSA contributions were deducted from your paycheck by your employer and then contributed to the HSA?  If so, it's likely they were pre-tax and therefore, since they're not included in your income, would not be deductible.

Are they reported on a W-2? If so, what box/code?


You might be able to gain some insight about why the program is not giving you the deduction by looking at your Form 8889.  Here are the instructions in case you need them.