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Heath care tax penalty removed

I have already done my taxes and paid the fine for not having health insurance. Now I am told that the government has removed that fine. Several people have now done their taxes, don't have health insurance and did not have to pay the fine. How do I get my fine repaid / refunded to me?

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Re: Heath care tax penalty removed

Hi tq72,


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There have been rumors going around that the health insurance penalty has been done away with, but that's all they are is rumors.  Those people that didn't pay the penalty will be getting letters in the mail from the IRS and/or their tax return will be adjusted by the IRS to include the penalty they owe.


The truth here is that unless Congress changes the law the health insurance penalty remains intact.  As of today that has not happened, and the IRS has posted the penalty amounts and other information for 2017 tax returns on its website (unless congress makes changes in the law the penalty is the same for next year as it was for this year).


Also, it is important to note that any changes in the law does not affect 2016 tax returns.  Your tax return for 2016 covers a period of time that passed before the new president took office and before any new laws would be in effect.


The good news is that if you qualify for an exemption from the penalty you can amend your tax return and claim whichever exemption you qualify for and that will result in a refund of your penalty.  In order to file an amended return you'll need to fill out Form 1040X (Amended Tax Return) and mail it to the IRS.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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