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Form 8965 not available?



I have completed my taxes online but during the accuracy review it said I had one issue: Form 8965 is not available due to the IRS and I have to wait for the program to be updated. Yet when I looked at the Form Availability it said it is ready (I'm using the Plus version). Wondering what I should do now and if this is something I did wrong or it's a glitch, etc.? And how will I know when the form is ready? Will I just have to keep coming back? Should I try another tax program instead? I know the IRS doesn't accept until Jan 31st but I would like to get this over with and know for sure how much I am getting back.


Thank you for any help/info.

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Re: Form 8965 not available?

Hi kschlegel02,




Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Form 8965 is not ready yet.  There has been an issue with being able to select the months that you had insurance so that you only get penalized or select an exemption for the months that you didn't have it.  There is an update coming on the 27th that should fix the problem.


The IRS will start accepting returns on the 29th.




If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Form 8965 not available?

Is the form available yet? I went under "Your Additional Taxes, Penalties and Payments" and clicked on "ACA (Forms 1095-A, 8962, 8965), but I still don't see anywhere where I can enter the code "A". 


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Re: Form 8965 not available?

i was wondering about that also.Do i need to fill out a separate form and where do i get it? Our health aid paper says "their registration with HHS provides an exemption from the shared responsibility payment under the ACA for its membersfor any month in which they where a member of CHA. This exemption can be claimed by filing form 8965 with your federal income tax return for 2017 and claiming exemption type D in part III of this form." So where do i find this form? or do i click that everyone was covered all year and that is all i do?

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Re: Form 8965 not available?


I am also wondering what the status is of this form 8965. I actually called today to ask about getting assistance with this as I was having a hard time filing due to this trouble. The program just asked about "marketplace exceptions" and I did not file for one and apparently you have had to do that during 2017. I found information that you can just file for an exception though the IRS with this form (8965) though I'm not getting into an area to enter this information. If I mark "no" to having a marketplace application (nor having one pending), it just directly states that I have to pay the fine (though I qualify for Code A). I am now worried that I have filed incorrectly as I do not have any information to prove this exception (though IRS form 8965 nor marketplace application). 


PLEASE respond back to this ASAP as I (and perhaps others) are very concerned!


Thank you!