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Does Form 1095-A get transmitted with e-filing?

In the paper Form 1095-A I received for 2017, Part III Column B (monthly SLCSP) contains all zeros, which apparently is what they normally do when you don't receive APTC (advance premium tax credit) payments. Following the IRS instructions for Form 8962 Line 10, I used the Marketplace's online tax tool to calculate the SLCSP.


Can I just put enter the monthly SLCSP numbers in the PC program's Form 1095-A manual input tool along with the other info from the actual form, or is that going to trigger something nasty? I guess I don't know if e-file transmits the 1095-A form. If it does, then it's not going to match the original form the IRS should have received from


If it only transmits form 8962 (or not even that), then I think it should be OK to use the 1095-A manual input tool in this way. I don't want to edit form 8962 directly because that override will prevent me from e-filing.




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Re: Does Form 1095-A get transmitted with e-filing?



Find the correct SLCSP values and enter them for column B.  The Premium software has a "Learn More" link that has more instructions and tells you to do this.  If you don't then the software won't calculate your PTC/Form 8962 correctly. Nothing nasty should happen to you as a result of this not matching the 1095-A.