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Critical illness payouts

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and received  a substantial payment from my  critical illness insurance. Is this taxable income?

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Re: Critical illness payouts

Hi mlmconnell,


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Health insurance payouts of any kind are not taxable income.  Even with a health savings account or other type of medical savings account distributions are not taxable so long as they are used to cover medical expenses.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Critical illness payouts

" long as they are used to cover medical expenses"

What if the funds were used to pay other expenses. not strictly medical?

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Re: Critical illness payouts

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The expenses must be directly related to your medical need, medical bills or prescriptions or non restricted items such as over the counter medicines or a wheel chair. If it is not directly related to the medical condition (such as to buy food or pay rent), these funds become taxable.

Roger H,

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