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Can I claim my daughter's Invitro Medical expenses If I Paid for the procedure?

This year, 2017, my husband and I paid for my daughter (32 years old) and her husband to have an Invitro procedure done to try and become pregnant. I have read that this can be claimed on medical expenses. Can we claim the expenses or does my daughter have to claim them?

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Re: Can I claim my daughter's Invitro Medical expenses If I Paid for the procedure?

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The rule that will make the determination for you is that you can only claim your daughter's expenses if she is your dependent child or qualifying relative.  It sounds like she is an independent taxpayer, so if I'm correct that you cannot claim her then your daughter must deduct these expenses on her own tax return.  She can deduct the total amount that she paid out pocket on her Schedule A.  Any expense that paid for through insurance or by someone who cannot claim your daughter cannot be deducted.  Your daughter can also deduct any insurance premiums that she paid for in the medical expenses section of Schedule A, and she can deduct the cost of driving to and from treatments at 0.17 cents per mile in that section.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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