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Are California EDD (employee development department) Payments Taxable?

Do I need to report on my tax forms (state or federal) the money the California Disability Department sent me while I was disabled for 5 months in 2016? It was something like 20k. Should I have received a 1099-G forum from the state of California?


If so, can I go online and print it out from somewhere? I tried calling the California EDD department but I can't seem to find a phone tree that gets me to a person. I really don't want to stand in line at one of their offices.


I searched around on the EDD website and couldn't find any forms there.


Please help.

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Re: Are California EDD (employee development department) Payments Taxable?

Hi singer0nepiece,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Yes, you will absolutely need your 1099-G form.  You can get your information from your tax forms from the IRS by filling out Form 4506-T and mailing it to the IRS.  Make sure you check the box on Line 8 for "wage & income" transcripts.


For 2016 forms you may want to file an extension and wait until around July though because the IRS may not have received all of your 2016 forms yet.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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