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Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage not calculating properly?



My husband and I got married in October 2017. He had ACA coverage while I had coverage through my job. He was added to my work insurance in late November, so he had ACA for almost 11 months. We should be eligible for the Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage which as I understand it, should base his premium tax credit on 1/2 of our combined income instead of just his income. In total, we earned close to $70000, so half of that would be $35000. The system is telling us that his credit should have only been $830 after doing the calculation. This seems ridiculous to me since $35000 was around 290% FPL. His income alone was around 200% FPL, and his credit was $2996. How on earth is it possible that his credit should be reduced down to $830 meaning we owe over $2000 in credit back? I don't think it is calculating properly that I did not have ACA coverage. When it asks for my alternative family size, I put 1, but I am wondering if I should put 0 since I did not have ACA? Can anyone help here? 

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Re: Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage not calculating properly?

Hello cfarmer9,


Welcome to H&R Block Community.


The Alternative Calculation For The Year of Marriage is calculated on Part V of the Form 8962 – Premium Tax Credit (PTC).


The H&R Block online program and the downloadable software vary in the questionnaire section; however, you can look directly at the forms in both programs to verify that it is calculating. If it is not calculating in that section, then there would need to be changes to the answers in your questionnaire section.


Since this section in the program is extensive and is very specific to each situation, if you look at the forms and find that this section is not calculating and would like to seek assistance as to why, please feel free to chat in to our Ask A Tax Advisor and we can assist you with the correct inputs. You can follow the instructions here to get to the chat program:


I hope this helps you out! Please ask if you have any further questions.


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Re: Alternative Calculation for Year of Marriage not calculating properly?

I am trying to figure out how to calculate year of marriage alternative for 2017 return! I am so frustrated with h and r block