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Accuracy Review Error 1095-A Column B $0

On my 1095-A I need to select that my monthly amounts are not the same because I only had partial year coverage and all of my amounts for column B are $0. This entry is coming up as a problem in my accuracy review and gives me four errors that all highlight the "NO" check box in part III where it asks if my amounts are the same for all 12 months. These amounts are accurate but it is telling me it cannot calculate my premium tax credit. How do I fix this?

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Re: Accuracy Review Error 1095-A Column B $0

I had the same issue and had to use the tax tool to figure out the correct amount for column B

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Re: Accuracy Review Error 1095-A Column B $0



Welcome to the Community. Sorry for the delay but it took some time to track this one down. I shared your post with some associates at The Tax Institute and their feedback is below:


When there is no amount in columns B and C of the Form 1095-A this means that you did not receive any advance payments of the premium tax credit (APTC). This generally occurs when the Marketplace determines you are ineligible for the premium tax credit at enrollment because your income was outside of the eligibility range or if you declined to receive APTC instead preferring to claim the credit on your return. Depending on your situation at the end of the year, you may or may not be eligible to claim the premium tax credit on your return when you file which will impact the entries you will need to make in the 1095-A screen to clear the accuracy check message.


  • Clients that are not eligible: If your household income as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) is outside of the eligibility range, you should enter 1 cent or .01 in column B on the 1095-A entry screen. This will clear the accuracy check message and allow you to file.
  • Clients that are eligible: If your household income as a percentage of the FPL is within eligibility range, you will need to look up the amount to enter in column B using the Marketplace look-up tool following the instructions below.

Determining household income as a percentage of the FPL:

To be eligible for the premium tax credit your household income must fall between 100 and 400% of the FPL. Instructions and worksheets for performing this calculation are located in the Form 8962 instructions starting with line 2a with the final FPL percentage being entered on line 5 of Form 8962. If the amount on line 5 of Form 8962 is between 100 and 400%, your income falls within the eligibility range for the premium tax credit.


Looking up the column B amount:

Those that are eligible for the premium tax credit will need to look up the column B amount, which is known as the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan. To look up this amount, you will use the Federal Marketplace lookup tool, which can be found here: If you live in a state that runs its own marketplace, this tool will redirect you to the state’s tool if one is available. If you are unable to lookup this amount online, you should obtain the value by calling the customer service line for your state marketplace to obtain the value.


I hope this is helpful.


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Re: Accuracy Review Error 1095-A Column B $0

I had the same problem with my 1095-A.  I had entries for only part of the year (since I had employer-based coverage for the other months), and column B was blank for all 12 months on the form I received. I did a live chat with H&R B program support, but they didn't know how to help me. Fortunately I found this question, with the suggested solution of entering .01 for column B.  (Although it's blank on my form, I had already tried entering zeroes, but that didn't work.)  I was able to leave the blank months completely blank, but once I entered .01 in column B for the months where I did pay premium, the accuracy review errors went away.  I knew I wasn't eligible for the premium credit, so I didn't have to worry about calculating anything. Thank you Jerry G!  This seems like a "bug" in the program to me.  The software should be able to understand a blank entry and handle it appropriately, even if that means giving a more useful "prompt" about how to obtain and enter the correct numbers for that column.  Fortunately for me, though, this workaround seems to have done the trick.