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1095-A partial month coverage

In 2017, i was unemployed for two months.  During this time i had marketplace insurance.  At the end of the second month, insurance from my new employer began.  I called to cancel marketplace insurance, but was informed there is a two week notice required.  However, because My new insurance was with bc/bs IL as was my market place insurance, my partial month fee was waived and i did not have to pay anything.  Now my 1095-a gets here and there is an entry for this waived month, including a tax credit which I never used.  Do i have to enter the information from this third, partial month?

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Re: 1095-A partial month coverage



If there is information on the 1095-A you get from the Marketplace, then yes, you have to enter the information when

you file your return.   The information you file must match the information the IRS gets from the Marketplace.


Hope this clears this up!