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1040x amendment and 8962 question


I have a friend who recently asked me about this letter he got from the IRS, and when I mean recently it was about a month ago. Turns out when his dad filed his 1040ez he did not include the form 8962 which was required since he had marketplace Healthcare and was getting tax credits.

I actually had encountered the same thing while I used h&r website to file my taxes. The irs asked me to provide them with a completed 8962 form which I did.

My problem is he threw out the letter which says where to send the form and his - for lack of better words - case number to include in the fax/letter.
I also noticed that it says on the 8962 instructions that you can't file a 1040ez form and the 8962, which lead me to look into filing a 1040x amendment, with a completed 1040-a and 8962.
I remember in my letter from the IRS they said not to file an amendment, but he does not have the information to tie it to his case, I could send anyways but would worry they'd just throw it out or get lost.

My friend's dad did not file online and mailed or faxed his tax return. If there is still a chance using software to file an amendment let me know as that makes it easier for me.

What I am really looking for is if I can use the 1040ez to fill out the 8962 (I have his 1095-a form), if not when filing an amendment can I submit a completely different individual tax form (ie 1040-a) even though they originally submitted a 1040ez. Lastly, is it too late to use h&r software?

Thanks a bunch,
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Re: 1040x amendment and 8962 question

Hi CGfreak102,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


A Form 8962 cannot be filed using a Form 1040EZ.  You must amend the tax return into a 1040A return.  You'll need to send the amended return along with Form 8962 and Form 1095-A to the IRS by mail.  You can use the software to complete the amendment but the amendment must still be mailed.


Health insurance is one of my areas of expertise and if you run into any trouble with the 8962 just let me know and I'll assist you with it.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.


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Re: 1040x amendment and 8962 question

I submitted a 1040EZ. I did not include my 1095-A form with my original return. I got a letter from the IRS stating that I needed to send them a copy of my 1095-A & a completed 8962 form. I cannot fill out 8962 with a 1040EZ. The letter states "Don't send a copy of your return unless we ask you to do so. Don't respond with From 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return."


SO what am I supposed to do? The answer I'm responding to does not help me to understand what to do in my situation. Could you please clarify and adjust your answer?

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Re: 1040x amendment and 8962 question

Read the letter you received from the IRS again and I believe they tell you exactly what to do.

I believe they tell you to take your 1095-A and fill out an 8962.   Then, most likely, they tell you

to send the 1095-A and the 8962 to them (the IRS) and they give you the option to either fax it

or mail it.