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emerald card

I can't seem to figure out how to register my emerald card. It is the one that says h&r block client. I still want to be able to access the info.

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Re: emerald card



Welcome to the Community. I believe there is a phone number on the back of your card that will get you to Emerald Card client support. There is also information about the card on our web site HERE.


Thanks, JerryG

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Re: emerald card

It seems like everyone is having the same issue H and R block needs to really fix these problems since they are handling everyones money right now.

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Re: emerald card

Great question, you can go to and login.

1. You will be taken into My Block.

2. You will be asked to Register your card.  Click on "Access My Card".  It will first ask you personal information and then specific card information. 

3. After that, you will go to the Emerald Online dashboard. 


Once you are inside Emerald Online, then you can set alerts and customize your account. 


Have a great day.

Corey - Emerald Card Team

Thank you, W. Gordon
Thank you,
W. Gordon