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emerald advance

i was unable to repay my emerald advance by the due date in full and now they want the full amount. Does anyone know of someone i can talk to about making different payment arrangements to get this thing repayed.

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Re: emerald advance

Normally the Emerald Advance is paid off by your tax refund.   Did that not happen this year for some reason?

You posted "now they want the full amount", who is "they" and did they sent you some kind of a letter?

If they did then respond to the letter and they will put you in touch with someone you can talk to about the




Good Luck!



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Re: emerald advance

how can re apply for emerald advance once again

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Re: emerald advance



Welcome to the Community. The Emerald Advance if offered each November. If you pay your balance down to zero by February 15 each year and meet other requirements, you could have access to your line of credit year-round for unexpected expenses and other credit needs.


You can find more information about the year-round option on the H&R Block web site here:


To see if you qualify you can contact the Emerald Advance Client Support team at the number on the back of your Emerald Card.


Regards, Harold