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emerald advance

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How long does it take to apply, and get a decision? Is there a way to apply online?

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Re: emerald advance

Welcome to The Community.

If you have all your ending check stubs for the year, a current photo ID and a current utility bill, if a first time applicant, filling out the application, sending the information to the bank, getting approved or declined and finalizing everything takes approximately 20-30 minutes. If the bank approves your application you are given an Emerald Card with the amount loaded and ready to spend at that time. 

Emerald Advance LOC is only done in your local HRBlock offices and cannot be done online by the applicant. 

Hope this answers your question. 


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Re: emerald advance

I was given the card yesterday but told I would have to wait for bank to approve then funds would be loaded he said within 2424 hours but how long does it normally take cause I still haven't herd no othting
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Re: emerald advance

Hello, the Emerald Card is separate from the Emerald Advance.  Funds are loaded on to the card very quickly after they are released from the IRS.  There are multiple ways you can check the balance of the card but you need your actual refund in to fund the card.




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Re: emerald advance

Why is it when I put my information for my emerald card it says that there's no name associated with any emerald card. What do I do?