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early return

is there any kind or early income tax return for next year?

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Re: early return

The fastest way to get a refund back is to efile and direct deposit the refund.  I haven't seen a funding chart yet from the IRS this year (last year it was "within 21 days").  In terms of a loan on the refunds, the answer is no.  No federally charted bank is allowed to give such a loan due to regulations by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

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Re: early return

Hello raiders7512.

One option you may wish to consider is to apply for an Emerald Advance Line of Credit, which (if approved) could potentially give you up to $1,000. Although the repayment of this "loan" is not required to be paid back with a portion of your tax refund, that option is available if you so choose. The Emerald Advance began yesterday and will be available through January 15th, 2014.

Just call 1-800-hrblock to set up an appointment.

Good luck to you.