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Why do you have to wipe my return on a downgrade? Not pleased.

I started my return online with the Self-Employed package ($89.99) and got most of the data entered.


At this point, I realized that I could get by with Premium ($64.99).


So I called up 1-800-HRBLOCK, went through the phone menu, went through the AI thing, got put on hold for 10-15 minutes, and got someone on the line.


They verified that I could indeed downgrade to Premium (after 10-15 minutes more) based on what I had entered.


Then this little gem:


"We'll need to erase what you've entered so far to complete the downgrade."


Um ... really?!


This sucks. You're making me decide whether or not I want to enter my return -- again -- to save $25.


I've used this product since 2012. Why do you put loyal customers in a no-win situation like this?