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Rejection of return

I'm Dan K of 300 Rohnert , CA 94928 and I bought, installed and completed (about a month ago) and mailed in the Fed/State package. Last Friday I received a letter of inquiry from the IRS office in Dallas, TX. They said they had my 2015 Return and needed more information and told me what to send and what not to send. They specifically said “To support the amount of wage or withholding of $1975.00 on line 64, Form 1040 and asked that I submit FormW-2, W-2G, Form 1099R, and Other forms reporting wage or withholding within 20 days.

I have 2015 Form 1099-R (that I thought I'd sent in but apparently didn't) that clearly states in Box 1 the RMD from an IRA to my brokerage acct and in Box 4 the Federal income tax withheld. If I send this in according to their instructions, will it meet their needs ? Is there anything else about the RMD that's needed? Dan


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Re: Rejection of return

Hi daytondan,


Welcome to the community.


The Form 1099-R is all that you need to send in.  It will show your required minimum distribution that you took and your tax withholding amounts (if any).  This is what the IRS is looking for and once it gets there they'll move forward with processing your return.


Hope this helps & please ask if you have any other questions.

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Re: Rejection of return

The notice appears to be requesting confirmation of withholding, not RMD.  If your 1099R does not account for all of the withholding, you will have to send copies of forms W2 and other 1099 forms to account for the total amount of withholding.

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Re: Rejection of return

I had submitted my return and it was rejected because I didn't know my aight from previous year. I have decided to let my mom claim my kids because she did support them for entire year. How do I make changes
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Re: Rejection of return

Hi Jess9547,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


There are other options for filing if you don't know your AGI.


You can print and mail your return without your last year's AGI.  You also will not have to pay anything extra.  It usually takes about two weeks for a mailed return to appear in the IRS "Where's My Refund?" tracking system from the day you mail the return, however it may take longer with the tax season being over.  Processing time is normally the same as if you e-file plus an extra 4 to 7 days for transit time.


You can also file the return at an H&R Block office, but as I'm sure you can imagine that will cost you some money.  When you claim dependents it's typically around $263.


On the subject of your dependents, you mom may or may not be allowed to claim them under the tax law, and if you're eligible it may benefit you more to claim them than it will benefit your mom.  There are five requirements for dependent children and two for qualifying relatives as follows:



  1. Your child must live with you for more than half of the year.
  2. Your child must provide less than 50% of his or her own support.
  3. Your child must be related to you.
  4. Your child must not file a joint return with another taxpayer.
  5. Your child must be under age 19 or under age 24 and in college full time.



  1. The person must be related to you OR live with you for the entire year.
  2. The person must earn less than $4,050 (the exemption amount) for the year.
  3. The person must receive more than 50% of their support from you.
  4. The person must not be the dependent of another taxpayer.


The first question I would ask would be who the kids lived with.  If they lived with you and not your mom then only you can claim them.  If all of you lived with your mom for more than half of the year then your mom can claim you and your kids.  The other possibility is that if your mom qualifies under the qualifying relative rules then you could allow her to claim the kids that way, but she would not be eligible for earned income credit, dependent care credit, or child tax credit as qualifying relatives only provide you with an extra exemption and if you're not married an increased standard deduction.


My advice is to go with whichever allowable option is most beneficial.  If you do decide that you want to make changes then make them before you file your tax return.  Because your tax return was rejected it has not officially been filed yet, so you can simply edit the original return.


If your tax return had already been filed then you would have to fill out Form 1040X (Amended Tax Return) and mail it to the IRS.


Also note that not claiming your dependents will have multiple effects on your tax return.  Your filing status will change if you are not married, and regardless of filing status you won't be able to claim dependent-related tax benefits such as the child-related credits and extra exemptions.  As a result you will see a lower (perhaps even significantly lower) refund or tax due on your tax return depending on your withholdings, income, etc.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



Senior Tax Advisor (Tampa, FL)