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RSU - Requesting help with the tax reporting

I am trying to report Cost Basis correctly and hoping someone can look at this and tell me if I am correct.  This doesn't include the shares sold at vest to pay for taxes (should those be included?).  This information is from my Advice of Sale


Cost Basis = $23.79 x 59 = $1403.61-$2064.91 = $661.00 total cost basis or is my Cost Basis just $23.79?


Grant Date 04/17/2008
Vest Date 04/17/2010
Cost Basis $ 23.79
Sale Date 07/18/2016
Shares Sold 59
Sale Price $35.03
Total Sales Proceeds $2,066.77

Brokerage Commissions $(1.77)
Transaction Fee $(0.09)

Net Proceeds $2,064.91


Thank you.

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Re: RSU - Requesting help with the tax reporting

Hi just_me,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


You're kind of on the right track.


Your total cost basis in the sold stock/securities (and the figure that you'll want to report) is $1403.61 ($23.79 x $59).  Your proceeds are $2,064.91.


When you enter these two figures your taxable amount will be $661.30 which is your gain.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: RSU - Requesting help with the tax reporting

I've been trying to get someone to help with a similar question: How do I report RSU sales in the H&R Deluxe software when my company already reported income on my W2?   All taxes are already withheld on my W2, but apparently the IRS also wants me to speak to the 1099-B that shows zeros as for federal tax withheld, as I received a "mail audit" last year. They were fine with my response - that it was accounted for in W-2 income - but I would like to avoid the hassle this year.