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Qualifications for Emerald Advance?

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What are the qualifications for the emerald advance?

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Re: emerald advance



Welcome to the Community! You can get more information about the Emerald Advance Line of Credit on our web site here:

You can also call 855-294-5827 if you have additional question or would like to make an appointment to apply. Appointments begin at participating offices starting November 25th.


Thanks - JerryG

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Re: emerald advance

What are the qualifications for the emerald advance? I have been doing my taxes with HR Block for years. Do they check your credit or is it based on how much of a refund you are getting back?

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My family is in an unusual situation and could use some extra money for the holidays so I was looking into a few resources. It has always baffled me why people would pay such an obscene amount of money to have taxes prepared (compared to most accountants) First...they can't even quote you a price when you ask them how much your tax prep would be? An accountant is generally at least half the cost of h and r and direct deposit will have your money to you within a week. The only benefit I remember to h and r block was that if you were desperate you could pay them an outrageous amount of money to get an advance on your tax return. Obviously they can't get a bank to back these types of loans anymore. It sounds to me like a line of credit where your credit history among other things are now considered and there are a million reasons why you could be denied. My thing is....why on earth would I want to go through all this trouble to borrow money from h and r block...if it's not an advance from my tax return??? If I want a loan or a line of credit I'll go to the bank and get a heck of a better deal plus get positive reporting for my future credit. It seems that they mislead people a bit... just to get people to go in and apply.
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I do believe your credit history is a factor along with your job, income, ect... I read a response from a h and r employee stating that these are not loans based on repayment with your tax if you look at it that way, it's nothing more than either a loan you can't qualify for OR if you can you might want to check your options because there are much better loans out there than this. In my mind this would be a high interest emergency loan out of desperation but certainly not by choice.