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How do I activate my emerald card

How do i activate my emerald card?

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Re: How do I activate my emerald card

The Emerald Card issued at the tax office is ready to use once your tax return is submitted or if you just came in for a card (they are  free!), upon completion of the application process.


Once your refund is received from the IRS and deposited on the Emerald Card, you should be able to use it.


If there is a sticker telling you to call and activate your Emerald Card, simply call and activate it like any other credit card.


I was able to activate my card within a few minutes once I made the call.

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Re: How do I activate my emerald card

As previously indicated if you received your  Emerald Card at the Tax office, it is active.  If you received your Emerald Card via mail please call 1.866.353.1266 to activate.


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