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Emerald card

I would like to understand how is it legal for my husband to get line of credit with emerald card and it only benefit him his credit when we file married filing jointly and I am not allowed to inquire about balance or use card ? When he uses my year to date income information to qualify and when I have earned income so entitled to the refund as so is he .. How come emerald card is set up to help one spouses credit in this situation and be legal? How come it doesn't improve both spouses credit when they file jointly and be mandatory that if you are married filing jointly that both spouses be issued card ? This seems fraudulent and makes it where the spouse who is issued card can take all refund and screw the unexpected spouse and under your contract get away with it and innocent spouse can not do anything.. So please explain why and how this is OK
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Re: Emerald card

Hi Virgie,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


First, the Emerald card is not a credit card, but rather it's a debit card that is more or less equivalent to your checking account.  It will not hurt or help your credit.  You can receive funds, withdraw funds from an ATM, spend funds at the store, and load funds, and that's about it.


If your husband was the primary taxpayer on your tax return then the card would have been issued in his name.  I've seen this before with joint returns.  The refund belongs to both of you and you are both on the return so you are both in Block's system and all of that, but you just need to be added to the Emerald account.  That could have been done at the office so I'm wondering if they asked if you both wanted a card.  If you call the customer service phone number on the back of your husband's Emerald card though and request to be added to the Emerald account they will do that and issue you a card as well.  He will have to be there with you because I have no doubt that they will want to speak to him as well since the account is currently in his name.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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