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Emerald advance e52 denial

I was denied the advance due to e 52 I'm not sure what that means or why I would be denied.
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Re: Emerald advance e52 denial



I'm sorry you weren't approved for the Emerald Advance. Unfortunately we do not have access to the criteria the Bank uses when making the lending decision. A denial notice is provided during the application process and includes the reason(s) the Bank was unable to approve the Emerald Advance application. To find out more information about the denial reasons marked with an “E”, contact Experian directly via the number on the notice.


Regards, Harold 

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Re: Emerald advance e52 denial

I received this denial yesterday. I called the BofI number as well as Experian. Neither were any help. What does this code mean exactly. The response is vague. We entered all of the data from my current year to date income. Based on the information I submitted I have a substantial return coming back to me. I was approved last year for the emerald advance, and was told the next year because I am a loyal customer that I would get a bigger advance this year. I wasn't even approved. The range for approvals is $350 - $1,000. You're telling me I am not even able to be approved for the amount I was given last year? This is ridiculous if you ask me, the response and numbers to call are vague. The BofI number just said the same thing the letter did. Calling Experian only gave you two options, 1) if you want information regarding fraudulent activity, 2) If you want your credit score. What does that have to do with this denial code E52?

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Re: Emerald advance e52 denial

Hi Dncdva,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I am sorry to hear that you were denied an Emerald Advance.  I would help you out further if I could, however nobody in the community has access to the information you're requesting.  We're all volunteers here, even those of us who otherwise work for H&R Block.


However, from what I can tell you, the most common culprits for denial are either that (1) there was something in your credit report (debt to credit ratio too high, too many negative items, one major negative item, too many credit inquiries, etc.), (2) that you used a paycheck that wasn't one from within the last three weeks and the application assumed you were a seasonal worker of some sort, or (3) you simply didn't meet what the bank was looking for as far as income is concerned for your situation.


It's almost always one of the three.  I just have no way of knowing which it was for you.  Only the bank can tell you why you were denied.  Experian would not have had any idea what the rejection code meant.  The one thing we can be sure about is that it wasn't H&R Block error.  You said they showed a good refund coming back and everything so I have no doubt they put the information into the application correctly.


The good news is that you can apply again in January.  The only difference is it's called a refund advance loan at that time, and you can potentially get a bigger loan then.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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