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Emerald Card Scam?

For the last two years I've faithfully used the emerald card, for the last two years HR Blockhead has some how managed to mess it up! Let me start from the beginning, I filed my taxes with HR, they provided me with a new emerald card.  I waited calmly for them to be processed, and today at 5am the refund was released. At 9am when I checked my card there was no money in the account. After THREE attempts to speak to a rep, FOUR supervisors and TWO disconnections I finally got a woman that said she "found" my money on my account but on a card I no longer have. She assured me that it would be on the correct card by 7pm. It is now 10pm and I still do not have my money, I called customer service again and was told now it could take 4-5 DAYS!! When I told her that was unacceptable she that is the most she could good but I was welcome to call back in the morning at 8am HOWEVER she refused to state which time zone. Now I'm in Pacific, I have no clue what time zone they are in. 

Is this REALLY how H&R Block treats their customers? I was assured that only the active card I had for this year would be on my account. Now I'm being treated like criminal. One rep even stated that my money was being held because of attempted fraud. WHAT?! I am NOT some loud mouth millennial looking for a hand out, this money is mine and I'm a hard working woman. I worked for this money. This is absurd! I understand that you have me by the balls here but come on! This is ENTIRELY unacceptable.