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Customer Service complaint

I have to make this complaint here as I have no idea where else this should be done at. No email, complaint sections, etc.

I was having issues purchasing things with my Emerald Card and called the customer service line. The lady I spoke with didn't really give me enough time to explain my issue before she believed she knew the solution. She told me that my purchases were on hold and that's why they weren't going through. But the purchases she said were on hold were already completed and the purchase that was giving me an error was not one of the items on hold. I explained this to her and gave her more details of my issues that I wasn't able to explain before and she again talked over me. She didn't explain anything just gave me short answers as if she wanted me to get off her line. So I ended the conversation without a clear and understood answer to my issue. I also told her that she was coming off rude and needs to work on her customer service and she proceeded with "Okay ma'am, thank you for calling H&R block, have a great day" as I was talking to an emotion-less robot with prompted scripts.

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Re: Customer Service complaint

Help options are limited.  Phone support doesn't understand the question.  Chat never connects.  I would be content to send an e-mail to get an answer, but that isn't an option.

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Re: Customer Service complaint



Please look for a private message from me.