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why cant i pay for my state efile with my refund

I efiled my federal and was accepted. I didnt have the money to pay for the efile of my missouri state return so i logged out. Discussed options offered with hubby and decided to use the refund option and when i went back the next day, i redid my state tax as I had removed it looking for preparers for state only returns that would be free and now my only option is credit debit or banking info. Also, on the home page when i started all  my taxes it said a state efile would only be 14.99  but it is 27.99.  Not sure what i can do to rectify this situation and hopefully, someone here can help.  I dont have the time or minutes on my phone to stay on hold waiting for an answer.  Thank you for your help   It is appreciated. I have been using hr block online as long as it has been an option and used the offices previosly since 1989